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We Care About Your Home And Family!

We prioritize the safety and well-being of your home and family. While a one-size-fits-all approach might suffice for entertainment choices, it falls short when it comes to ensuring the security of your loved ones. Unlike the generic solutions promoted by television advertisements, which overlook the unique dynamics of your living space, we refuse to offer quick fixes that leave your most cherished possessions vulnerable. Instead, our team of experts personally visits your home, crafting a tailored security plan that best addresses your specific needs and concerns. At MidMo Telecom & Security, we go the extra mile because your safety matters to us.

Why Do We Care?
Because We Have Been There.

One very stormy June evening I was in our living room on the couch sick with whooping cough (yes, it was horrid!!). My cat, Mr. Kitty, would not leave me alone. He continued to meow and jump at my hand. I finally got up, flipped on our front porch light and tossed him out the door. I couldn’t imagine why he wanted out in such stormy weather, but, he did. He never left the porch and continued to meow. It wasn’t until the next morning when i went out into our garage (that was attached to our house and literally on the other side of the wall from our family room where i was sleeping) that I understood that my sweet little Mr. Kitty was trying to tell me that our home was being broken into. Our vehicles were ransacked, Personal items and money stolen from them and items stolen from our garage (tools, guns etc…). I was in complete Shock!

The first thing i thought was OMG. They were just one more door away from entering our living quarters. Where my children were fast asleep. What would have happened… What could have happened. My family was in danger and we had no clue.

The same day, my husband and I called and had an alarm system installed on our house.

What this group of individuals took from my family and I was much more than just stuff. They STOLE our sense of security in our own home. My children were scared to sleep in their own bedrooms for months. They all three slept on the floor in our room or in our bed. My husband sat awake nightly for weeks just waiting for a return visit… We were angry, we were scared but mostly just sad as parents that we had not done everything we could to keep our kids safe. We had trusted we were in safe and secure neighborhood and that something like this could never happen to US! We were wrong.

When we bought and created Mid Mo Telecom in 2016, I knew the security side was going to be my biggest investment… Not for the money, but to help secure families in THEIR home. I know that feeling. I know that though of “Oh, that won’t happen where we live”. Let me tell you. It can and it WILL. Be prepared BEFORE it happens.. don’t wait until your children cry in your arms at bedtime because they are scared to go to sleep for fear of “those people” coming back.
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