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Home Security

Home Security

Jefferson City and its neighboring areas deserve the highest level of protection, and our home security systems deliver just that. Our expert technicians will work with you to design a customized security solution tailored to the unique layout and needs of your home. From state-of-the-art alarm systems to advanced motion sensors and door/window sensors, we provide a comprehensive security solution that ensures peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Honeywell home proseries panel

Enhance Your Home Security With Honeywell and Mid Mo Telecom & Security Systems

When it comes to protecting your home and loved ones, Trust is paramount. With Honeywell & Mid Mo Telecom & Security Systems, you can enjoy the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your home is protected by the most advanced and reliable security solutions available. From advanced sensors and smart monitoring to seamless integration and emergency response, we’re here to keep you safe, secure, and connected.

Proseries Wireless Indoor MotionViewer

indoor motion viewer

The wireless ProSeries Indoor MotionViewer® Discretely Expands your smart home security System. With Intelligent motion detection, the security camera motion sensor is not triggered by false alarms, so you get notified only of movement that matters.

Proseries Wireless Outdoor MotionViewer

outdoor motion viewer

The Motion Viewer is a weather-resistant outdoor security device that enhances the effectiveness of home security systems by providing visual verification of motion events, offering remote access capabilities, and seamlessly integrating with other components of the ProSeries security solutions. When the motion sensor is activated, the camera instantly takes either a still photo or a 10-second video clip, depending on its settings and transmit that to the control panel and the user’s total Connect 2.0 account.

Features & Benefits

 Motion-Activated Video: Captures video for transmission to Total Connect and the ProSeries panel for end-user verification purposes.

• Fast, Easy Installation: Completely wireless, with easy to replace batteries

• Large Coverage Area: 40’ x 56’ (12m x 17m) detection pattern

• Fast Video Transfer: Helps expedite alarm verification and response.

• Night Vision: Captures images in little or no light.

• Remote Sensitivity Adjustment: Saves time and reduces service calls.

• Strong Data Security: Two-Way AES encryption

• Supervision: Transmits a periodic check-in/status signal to the ProSeries panel.

• Pet Immunity: Will not trigger alarm for pets up to 80 lbs when installed at recommended height and set to low sensitivity.

Overview Of Alarm System Components

Home Security Pro Series Catalog

Advanced Sensors for Comprehensive Protection

Our two-way encrypted wireless sensors and peripherals offer unparalleled security for your home. From door/window sensors to motion detectors, flood detectors to glass break detectors, we have you covered. Each sensor is designed to detect specific threats and communicate instantly with our central monitoring station, ensuring a rapid response in case of an emergency.

Smart Monitoring and Control

With Total Connect Mobile, you have complete control over your home security system right at your fingertips. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or simply out running errands, you can arm/disarm your system, receive real-time alerts, and view live video feeds from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Total Connect Mobile keeps you connected and in control, no matter where life takes you.

Reliable Outdoor Siren and Indoor Siren

Deter intruders and alert neighbors with our outdoor siren, designed to emit a loud, attention-grabbing sound in case of a security breach. Meanwhile, our indoor siren provides an additional layer of protection by alerting occupants inside the home to potential threats. With Honeywell and MidMo Telecom & Security Systems, you can rest assured knowing that your home is secure and protected.

Emergency Response with Smoke/CO Detector Combination:

Protect your home from fire and carbon monoxide with our smoke/CO detector combination. This life-saving device detects both smoke and CO gas, providing early warning of potential hazards and triggering immediate emergency response from our monitoring center. With Honeywell and MidMo Telecom & Security Systems, your family’s safety is our top priority.

Seamless Integration with All-in-One Panels And Keypads

Our 7” touchscreen all-in-one panels and keypads provide a central hub for managing your home security system. With intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces, you can easily arm/disarm your system, check sensor status, and customize settings to meet your specific needs. Plus, with 2-line alpha displays, you’ll always know exactly what’s happening at a glance.

Temperature Sensor for Added Comfort and Safety

Ensure your home stays comfortable and safe year-round with our temperature sensor. By monitoring temperature fluctuations, this device helps prevent freezing pipes, mold growth, and other temperature-related issues, giving you peace of mind whether you’re at home or away.